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The approach I take in my psychotherapy practice comes from a belief that the mind and body are naturally striving towards health and well being. But often the pressure of daily life and the stress that comes with it can be overwhelming. Life can be a struggle and this can cause the strongest among us to feel stuck, anxious and even depressed. All of us are subject to unconscious patterns that affect our emotions and the choices we make. Our unconscious can alter our perceptions; affect our relationships and the overall quality of our lives. These distortions can prevent us from being the kind of person we are consciously striving to become. When we develop a felt sense, an inkling of awareness in our body that these patterns taking hold, we can gain insight and a whole new perspective on things. This will change how we experience many things in our lives, including our relationships. With effective psychotherapy we can return to a more comfortable natural state of being, mentally and emotionally.

My goal in working with you would be to create a safe place and a trusting relationship so together we can delve into the issues and questions on your mind. In doing this you will begin to experience life differently, uncover new talents and abilities and along the way enhance your self-esteem and self-acceptance. We do this together by exploring the issues you bring to our sessions, from beginning to end. The process begins when you have a felt sense in your body that something is off. I then help you mentally process the experience. Starting from this place we can explore your emotional patterns as they begin to emerge, the actual experience as it unfolds, your strengths, how you see your life playing out currently and how you would like it to. As insight is gained you will find different, more satisfying and constructive ways to exist in this world.

Verbal psychotherapy, more commonly known as talk therapy, is approached from an experiential point of view. It revolves around attachments, relationships, mind and body working in synch, which gives us the foundation on which to proceed. I also rely on empirically sound forms of psychotherapy, like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which research has shown to be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and injury recovery. I have a wealth of experience that I also draw on including my training as a clinical psychologist, integrative nutrition health coach, and registered yoga teacher.

As we work together, unexpected ideas will often emerge, along with unexpected emotions that may have never been expressed before. All that arises out of our sessions provides new insight and awareness that deepens your understanding of all the experiences you’ve had and will have in life.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy was developed within a cohesive philosophical and theoretical framework. This is a unique psychological intervention that has been substantiated empirically using acceptance and mindfulness techniques, along with commitment and other strategies to bring about behavioral changes and to enhance psychological flexibility. What “psychological flexibility” refers to is the ability to be in contact with the present moment as a fully aware and conscious human being, based upon whatever situation you find yourself in, either changing or maintaining certain behaviors as determined by the values you’ve chosen to live by.

ACT assumes the point of view that attempting to change negative feelings and thoughts as a coping mechanism may be counterproductive. Instead, there are new very powerful alternatives that can be employed, including acceptance, mindfulness, committed action based on values and cognitive diffusion.

Research shows that these methods can be beneficial and effective for many different people. ACT teaches people, including clients and therapist how to mentally process things differently, especially difficult and painful private experiences, instead of being forced to avoid having them occur at all, which isn’t always possible. This approach can be very empowering and has helped clients cope with many different clinical problems, which include anxiety, depression, dealing with stress, substance use and abuse as well as symptoms of psychosis.

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