Psychological Evaluations and Testing

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Psychological assessment, psychological evaluation, and psychological testing are all basically the same thing. Sometimes the technical term for psychological testing is used, which is “psychometrics.” This involves the measuring of abilities, attitudes, knowledge and certain personality traits.

Some of the more common types of evaluations include:

  • Cognitive Functioning
  • Accomodations testing
  • IQ testing
  • Behavior Assessment
  • Personality Profile
  • Treatment Planning
  • Immigration Evaluations (Extreme Hardship, U-Visa, VAWA)
  • Bariatric Evaluations

Evaluations range from $800 – $3,000 depending on the battery of tests used and time required for testing, interpretation of results, and report writing.

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Read below for more information on psychological testing:

Psychological testing is a very precise type of assessment, usually administered by a psychologist. The purpose of conducting psychological testing would be to answer a specific question; the reason the client was referred for testing in the first place, or a series of specific questions.

The process usually entails an in-person interview, paper and pencil questionnaires and/or questionnaires administered via computer along with various psychological inventories to assess ability, behavior and personality. The tests are all scored before they’re interpreted and eventually get included in a confidential report. The test results are given to both the source that referred the client as well as the client.

A thorough psychological assessment can be very illuminating and therefore shorten the length of treatment, reducing its cost when compared to a treatment program that utilizes only a clinical interview approach. Psychological assessment can also offer accurate and very objective information, which helps to answer the questions on the minds of referral sources and the other healthcare professionals treating this client.

Benefits of a Good Psychological Assessment:

  • An objective measure of personal characteristics;
  • Vital information that can assist in treatment that the client may not be able to convey verbally;
  • Valid reliable information on the client based on research data collected from large populations of people;
  • Measures a large variety of cognitive, neuropsychological and personality traits simultaneously.
  • Information comes from a broad range of sources, which includes assessment techniques, performance on tasks, and self-reporting;
  • Offers information central to the issues at hand, which is necessary in the early stages of treatment;
  • Guides in the choice of treatment methods, especially for those who have not benefited much from previous psychotherapy or who has issues needing specialized or more complex treatment;
  • Draws attention to potential barriers to treatment and offers alternatives;
  • Pinpoints a client’s strengths, which can be used to effectuate treatment;
  • Helps to clarify what the focus of treatment should be and overall goals;
  • Gives a baseline from which to measure treatment progress and assess the effectiveness;
  • Offers an “objective opinion” to inform the healthcare provider and the client as they move forward and to reassess the treatment plan;
  • Offers the client vital information enabling them to feel more confident about the process and participate more actively in treatment decisions. Helps the client to feel they have an independent say in the process, giving them a sense of satisfaction.

You can go online searching for standardized clinical tests, but it’s highly unlikely that you will find any. The publishers copyright these tests and their security is of paramount importance. Without these steps being taken the validity of the psychological measures would be in question.

All licensed mental health professionals abide by strict ethical standards and guidelines, fully enforced by their licensing boards, to maintain the security of these tests at all cost. Any psychological tests that can be found online would be for the personal use of anyone who is curious about themselves. They are not valid or reliable measures, as they were designed to be self-administered by laymen. These types of tests were not extensively researched or created based on normative populations.

Psychologists have been trained in how to properly administer, score and interpret these psychological tests. Therefore, the use of such psychological tests should be confined to a diagnostic or therapeutic setting only. A licensed psychologist should be the one administering the tests. Other mental-health professionals are not usually trained to administer, score and interpret psychological tests. If a counselor, social worker or psychiatrist wants to give you a series of psychological tests, I would advise you to be wary of their qualifications and to question them carefully about this.

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