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My clinical practice is presently set up as fee for service. You can submit your claim directly to your insurance carrier and they may reimburse you up to 60% to 80%. There are advantages to seeking psychotherapy without going through your insurance including choosing your own therapist, protecting your privacy and deciding for yourself how long you remain in therapy instead of allowing your insurance company to make the decision.

You need to know that some insurance plans insist on being provided with information on the services I would be providing to you. Often this included a diagnosis. In these cases I do everything I can to only release the very basics. I am happy to show you the kind of information insurance companies ask for.

Read up on your mental-health coverage by looking at your insurance booklet or checking online with all the details on your coverage. These are the questions you should ask your insurance company:

  1. Am I covered when it comes to mental-health benefits?
  2. If so, how many psychotherapy sessions am I covered for? How much is reimbursable?
  3. What would be my deductible?
  4. Do I need prior approval before receiving mental-health treatment?
  5. If so, what information do you need to approve my treatment?

On our initial consultation I will inform you of the hourly fee for your sessions. If this is agreeable to you, you can either pay in full with cash, check, or credit card at the end of each of our sessions. I will give you a “paid in full” statement for your records and to use in filing a claim with your insurance carrier. This will detail the appropriate codes needed by your insurance carrier for them to reimburse you.

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