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Our Approach to Treatment in Bethesda

Yoga in Bethesda MD

My approach to treatment and evaluation is holistic in nature. I place a strong emphasis on the interplay between mind, body, and environment. I use empirically supported forms of psychotherapy techniques while also considering other important factors such as early life experiences, relationships, health, diet, career, and environment. I enjoy being able to draw from my experiences in psychological rehabilitation from injury, neuropsychological disorders, and clinical psychology. It is becoming more clear than ever, that mind and body are very much related. Having a background in integrative nutrition coaching helps me to incorporate healthy eating and lifestyle into my treatments. I love incorporating my passion for yoga into sessions as well. The power of breath, mindfulness, and awareness is absolutely incredible.

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Purohit Psychology Services, LLC.
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Bethesda, MD 20814
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CMHIMP Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider
Institute For Integrative Nutrition
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